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Cyclestreets.net is a brilliant little website for bicyclists. Just enter where you are and where you want to go and it will take you a proper cyclists route, tell you the distance, how quiet or otherwiseit will be and how many calories you will burn completing it.
This is extraordinary. You can actually choose a route to avoid unnecessary hills. Excellent for the part-time cyclist!

Bicycle Shops or Bicycle Accessories Outlets or Cycle Repairers

Evans Cycles

320 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, Westminster, London SW1V 1AA, UK – 020 7976 6298

Was surprised by mixed reviews I’ve seen as experience I’ve had in this store has always been excellent, particularly with staff member Alex who is very knowledgeable and friendly!

GREAT TEAM. I went to Evans Victoria needing help to take off my very tight pedals and the guys were SO HELPFUL. Arturo de mechanic gave me lots of tips to pack my bike for shipping and the other gentleman was also super nice, friendly and helpful. I have been to many bike shops in London for the past 8 years and although staff are usually nice, these guys were THE BEST. THANKS so much!!!!

Cycle Surgery

3 Procter St, London WC1V 6DW, UK – 020 7269 7070

John helped me and he provided the best customer service I have had in ages. He patiently helped me with my bike lock, re-fitting it and making sure it was ok for me adjusting it several times so I had it just how I wanted it. He was also in a really good happy mood and just so nice to all the customers I saw him interact with. thanks again!

Exceptional service! Wandered in this morning looking to get the chain re-greased. Not only was that done but also had my front and rear disc brakes adjusted at no extra cost with lots of useful advise on how to look after my bike. My new go to shop for all things bike!

Evans Cycles - Waterloo Cut

77-81 The Cut, Waterloo, London SE1 8LL, UK – 020 7928 4785

Came in a few days ago to get a new saddle as previous (not bought at Evans) had broken. Got a much better one, and they fitted it for free, and adjusted it a few minutes later when I came back cos it needed fine-tuning. Came back today (to pick up old saddle after I realised it was still under guarantee) and showed them some rubber had come off a pedal. They gave me a new pair for nothing and fitted them for nothing too. Very impressive. I want to make a point about these complainy reviews. At a guess these are professionals who do not suffer fools gladly, bully their underlings at the office and expect grovelling when they snap their fingers. Staff can't possibly be responsible for stock, which will certainly be controlled centrally, there's no way they would hire mechanics who don't know their job, especially not at a prime location like this. And if you come in at the busiest time of day and have to wait, come at a less busy time. I also find the idea of the staff being rude hard to believe. Practically no staff in any shop is rude these days unless they own it. They'd be out on their ear otherwise. I wonder if someone didn't come through the door already grumpy... this is not really about Evans; I doubt they are much better or worse than any other bike shop. But they can't be as bad as the one-starrers say.

These guys are great. Superb customer service and very knowledgeable. Special shout out to Coran who today helped fix my Brompton and show me how to take the back wheel off.

Cycle Hire

London Bicycle Tour Company

1 Gabriel's Wharf, 56 Upper Ground, Lambeth, London SE1 9PP, UK – 020 7928 6838

We just finished the Christmas Lights Guided Bike tour. Our tour guide, Ollie, was wonderful! Entertainingly informative & friendly! The route allowed us to see so many of the wonderful London neighborhoods and get into the residential parts of the city. Amazing! We did have several issues with the bike equipment, however. Our group had 5 flat tires during the 3.5 hour tour. We even ended up having to rent a Santander to get back because one of the bikes was not fixable. Ouch! Other than the bike issues, it was a 5-star experience. Thanks Ollie!

Best bikes in London. This shop has some of the news cycles and clothing in the market. Highly recommend stopping by.

Santander Cycle Hire, Soho Square

12-13 Soho Square, Soho, London W1D, UK – 0343 222 6666

Adorei... A bike tornou o trajeto mais rápido e divertido.

Una premessa fondamentale: non si tratta di un servizio di noleggio in senso stretto; concettualmente consiste, in realtà, nell'utilizzo quasi gratuito (due sterline per 24 ore) delle bici presso i numerosissimi stalli ma solo per brevi spostamenti (max 30 minuti) in modo da consentire a tutti di poter usufruire del servizio mediante continue ricollocazioni presso gli stalli ed equilibrata e costante presenza di bici negli stessi. Spiego meglio perché, nelle sintetiche istruzioni sulle colonnine, si rischiano fraintendimenti con successivi addebiti non proprio economici, come anche già evidenziato in alcuni commenti critici: 1) scegliere "noleggio bici"; 2) impostare per 24 ore; 3) scegliere quante bici noleggiare max 4; 4) inserire la carta di credito e autorizzare il pagamento (2 sterline per bici). Non son sicuro se la sequenza sia esatta ma, nel caso di mio errore, l'intuito aiuterà 😏! La colonnina rilascerà un tot di ricevute (pari al numero di bici noleggiate) con impresso un codice di 5 cifre da inserire nella postazione della bici prescelta; inserito il codice si illuminerà un led verde (a meno che la postazione non sia fuori uso, nel qual caso si sceglierà un'altra postazione) e la bici verrà liberata per l'utilizzo gratuito per mezz'ora, superata la quale vi verranno addebitate altre due sterline per bici e, così, di mezz'ora in mezz'ora. Per evitare questi questi ulteriori addebiti, prima dello scadere dei 30 minuti, ricollocate la bici in uno stallo (con un inserimento un po' secco, attendendo che il led diventi verde) e, dopo 5 minuti, vi verrà data la possibilità di riprenderne un'altra con la stessa procedura iniziale solo che, una volta inserita la carta di credito già utilizzata, il sistema vi riconoscerà indicandovi anche quanto manca allo scadere delle 24 ore iniziali e, pertanto, non addebitandovi ulteriori costi (se poi vi risultasse troppo stressante e macchinoso questo continuo restituire/riprendere, due sterline ogni tanto in più non vi cambieranno la vita 😏) Importante, comunque, non fare scadere le 24 ore perché potrebbero esserci, a quel punto, sanzioni. Per avere piena conoscenza delle numerosissime postazioni in città, raccomando di scaricare l'app "Cycle Hire" sponsorizzata da Santander che indica anche quante bici da prendere e quanti stalli vuoti (per ricollocare quelle in vostro possesso) troverete negli stalli; a mio parere è utilissima anzi, fondamentale per il miglior utilizzo del servizio! Tanto per dare un'idea, un giorno ho percorso un notevole tratto, da Kensington palace fino all'Abbazia di Westminster, senza ulteriori costi, attraversando gli interi Hide Park e Green Park, trovando persino all'interno dei parchi (con piacevoli soste presso i bellissimi laghetti pieni di cigni e papere) stalli di noleggio. Per quanto riguarda la mia esperienza, un servizio davvero eccellente. Spero di essere stato sufficientemente esaudiente... buone pedalate.

London Recumbents

Carriage Dr N, London SW11 4NJ, UK – 020 7228 6843

Great place. Would recommend for anyone.

love it great fun!

Bicycling Safety Video

Lots of little tips you might not have thought of - from Ireland.